Wednesday, February 20th


WARMUP:   *Grab a set of moderate weight DBs and a Box   AMRAP x 8 minutes:   10 Single Arm DB Bent Over Rows (each arm)   10 Alternating DB Step Ups   5/5 Single Arm DB Push Press   10 Alternating DB Hammer Curls   :30 Hollow Hold       HSPU Review & Scaling: Wall Walks/Half Kick Ups/Kick Up to Wall           STRENGTH/SKILL:   10:00 Handstand Play - Walking, Holding or Building       WORKOUT: 5 R....

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Tuesday, February 19th


WARMUP:   3:00 Bike (increasing pace from easy > moderate)       Barbell Stretches/Progression:   5/5 Wrist Circles in tabletop position (clockwise & counterclockwise)   10 Elbow Punches   5 Inchworms   10 Clean Deadlifts   20 Mountain Climbers   5+5 Hang High Pull + Muscle Clean   10 Alternating Cossack Squats   5 Power Cleans   10 Lateral Jumps over BB       Review BB Touch & Go Review (focus on bringing....

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Monday, February 18th


WARMUP:   EMOM x 8 minutes:   Min 1 – 8/6 Cal Bike + Groiners   Min 2 – 10 Plate Ground to OH + Plate Front Squat       Review Rope Climb Styles: Spanish Wrap & J-Hook           STRENGTH/SKILL:   SKILL SESSION 10:00 Skill Prep Session for Rope Climb       Double Under & Thruster Warmup Progression:   10 BB Push Press   20 Single Unders   8 BB Front Squats   20 Fast Singles   6 ....

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Saturday, February 16th


WARMUP:   Partner Warmup – “You go, I hold” 2 sets each:   P1 completes 2 Rounds while P2 holds a Wall sit:   5 Inchworm/10 Ring Rows/20 Jumping Jacks       P1 will complete 2 Rounds while P2 holds a Plank:   30’ Duck Walk/30’ Broad Jumps/5 Scap Pullups       Barbell Warmup Progression:   5 Clean Deadlift (focus on bringing the bar into the hips)   5 High Hang Clean High Pull (quick dip & powerful drive....

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Friday, February 15th


WARMUP:   AMRAP x 10 minutes (focus on movement at EZ pace):   1:00 Bike   10 Divebomb Pushups   10 Hollow to Arch Kip Swings   10 Tuck Jumps   5/5 Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Press       Toes to Bar Progression:   10 Tuck-ups (from the ground, focus on speed of closing the hip)   10 Active Hang Knee Raises (focus on raising the knees up quickly from the hollow and returning to the hollow)   6 Kip Swing + Press Down (focus on proper exe....

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Thursday, February 14th


WARMUP:   5 Rounds (10:00 max):   :30 Jefferson Curl (light DB)   :30 Piked Shoulder Taps   :30 Single Leg Plank (alternate elevated leg each round)   :30 Hollow Hold       WORKOUT:   SIMULATED PRE-OPEN WORKOUT EMOM x 10 MINUTES: MIN 1 -- AMRAP of 4 Alternating Lunges + 4 Pushups MIN 2 -- Row or Bike, Moderate Effort   -Rest 3:00-   EMOM x 10 MINUTES: MIN 1 -- AMRAP of 4 Air Squat + 4 DB Push Press (light) MIN 2 -- Row or Bike, Moderate Ef....

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Wednesday, February 13th


WARMUP:   AMRAP x 10 minutes:   10 Plate Good Morning   20 Forward Plate Jumps   10 OH Plate Lunges   20 Lateral Plate Jumps   10 Plate Deadlifts   20 Speed Plate Jumps   10 Plate Press       Deadlift Warmup:   20 reps with empty barbell (focus on lat engagement)   *Hip and shoulder rise together   *Bar path is controlled and kept close to the body   *Back is flat, abs braced while moving through entire ROM   *Rep 1 ....

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Tuesday, February 12th


WARMUP:   AMRAP x 8 minutes:   10 Single Leg KB Romanian Deadlift   5/5 Alternating KB Push Press   10 Dual KB Front Rack Alternating Lunges   30’ KB Cross Body Carry (R/L)   20 Dual KB Flutter Kicks       Review/practice/setup for workout       WORKOUT: AMRAP x 20 MINUTES: 25/20 Calorie Bike 25 Up-Downs 50 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)(35/26) 75 Double Unders       FINISHER:   3 SETS 10 DB Curls 10 DB Good Morning ....

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Monday, February 11th


WARMUP:   General Warmup:   3 Rounds:   250m Row   10 PVC Pass Throughs   10 PVC OH Squats (holding PVC on palms)   10 KB Glute Bridges   :20 Handstand Hold       Barbell Warmup:   3 sets:   5-8 reps Tempo OH Squats on coach’s call       STRENGTH/SKILL:   EMOM x 10 MINUTES 3 Overhead Squats (moderate-heavy) *Build in weight for first 5 minutes, then hold across for the remaining 5 minutes   WORKOUT: 5 ROUN....

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Saturday, February 9th


WARMUP:   AMRAP x 10 minutes w/ an empty barbell with your partner (one barbell):   Partner 1 – 5 Deadlifts, 5 Hang Power Cleans, 5 Push Press   Partner 2 – Air Squats   *After each athlete performs one round of the barbell complex, both go for a 100m Run together       Thruster Progression:   2 Rounds:   10 Elbow Punches   3 Front Squats   3 Strict Press   3 Thrusters       STRENGTH/SKILL:   PARTNER STRE....

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