Saturday, July 21st


Warmup:  Team Med ball warm up 20x regular passes 20x high passes 20x sit up passes 40x trunk twist passes (20 each side)    * Each time you make a bad pass or drop the ball = 5 push ups.   -then-   Team "Rowling" on the rowers -then-   Warmup movements in workout  WOD: With a partner: 60/45 Cal Row  90 Push Press (95/75)  90 Box Jump Overs  60/45 Cal Row  90 Push Press (95/75)  90 Box Jump Overs  6....

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Friday, July 20th


Warmup:   5 min Run/Bike/Row    -then-    2x through:   30 ft Walking Lunge w/ Overhead Stretch 30 ft Spiderman Crawl    -then-    2x through:   10 Banded Monster Walks front/ back 10 Banded Monster Walks right/left   -then-    2x through:   8 Front Squats 8 Power Cleans 8 Push Press       Strength:    Front Squat   5x10     WOD:  ....

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Thursday, July 19th


Warmup:    400m run    -then-    Dynamic Stretch focus on shoulders and lower legs, calves    -then-    3x through:   5 Strict Pull ups 30ft Dragon Walk 10 GHD Situps 30sec Superman hold 5 Handstand Kick ups       Skillwork:    Alternating EMOM x 10   Odd : 5 Wall Facing HSPU Even: 8 Deck Squats       WOD:    “Nicole”  &nbs....

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Wednesday, July 18th


Warmup:    5 min Double Under Practice    -then-    Scorpion Stretch – 10 per side Banded Hamstring Stretch – 60sec each leg    -then –   3x through:   1 Rope climb 5 RDL 10 Pushups 10 Wallballs       Strength:    Deadlifts    Building up to a tough set of 6 reps   *Over handed grip only, no alternating grip      WOD:    Compl....

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Tuesday, July 17th


Warmup:   500m Row    -then-    2x through:   5 Inch Worms 10 Wall Squats 5 TTB    -then-   Cycle Through Barbell Complex with empty bar 3x, you may build to starting weight    Strength:    Every 90 secs for 15 mins   2 Hang Cleans + 2 Push Jerk       WOD:    In 15 mins complete:    100 Double Unders    Then AMRAP in remaining time: &nb....

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Monday, July 16th


Warmup:  400m run  -then-   30sec Banded Pec Stretch (each arm) 30sec Banded Row (pull band to armpit, each arm)  -then-  2x through:  10 Bench Press 10 Burpees 10 Broad Jumps Strength:  Superset the following for 5 sets:   Bench Press x 10 Bent Over Row x 10  *Last 3 sets should be tough    WOD:   3-6-9-12-15-18  Ring Dips Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)   *Scale dips with push....

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Saturday, July 14th


Warmup: Abmat Tag -then-   Team stretch  -then-   2x through:  10 Push Press  10 SDHP  5 power clean  5 TTB    Strength:  Power clean   5-5–3-3-3-3   WOD: With a partner for all parts: Part I:  8 min AMRAP:  30 SDHP (95/75)  20 Push Press (95/75)  10 Toes to Bar  *Rest 2 Mins*  Part II:  6 min AMRAP:  30 Push Press (95/75)  20 Toes to bar  ....

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Friday, July 13th


Warmup:   Team Med Ball Tic Tac Toe   -then-   3x through:   10 Duck Walk Front/back 10 KBS 10 Wallballs 60 Sec Plank hold on Wallball      Strength:   Back Squats - 1 ¼   5X5   **Use Moderate weight - these get heavy quickly       WOD:    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1   Wall Ball Step Ups (20/14) (24/20) KBS (24/16) Wall Balls (20/14)  ....

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Thursday, July 12th


Warmup:   800m Run -then -    3x through:   10 Barbell Good Mornings 10 inch worms 4 Rope Pullups  -then-   60 sec Banded Hamstring Floss (each leg)       Strength:   Deficit Suitcase Deadlifts (standing on plate)    Work up in weight to a moderately heavy set of 5 reps on each side     WOD:   3 rounds: With a 4:00 window complete: 200m Run In remaining time, AMRAP of: 5 Deadlifts (2....

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Wednesday, July 11th


Warmup:    5 min Dynamic Warmup -then-    3x through:   30ft Plank Walk 10 Dive Bomber Pushups 10 Glute Ham Raises    -then-   60 Sec T-spine hold on Foam Roller      Strength:    Yoke Carries    Work up to your heaviest load over 15-20 mins       WOD:   4 rounds for total reps:   1min Bench Press (135/95) 1min Sandbag Shoulder toss (150/100) 1min Max Cal Assaul....

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